Visit St Andrews art that leaves a mark on the heart

Artist Jaclyn Stuart
Artist Jaclyn Stuart

Coupling the creativity of art with the poignancy of poetry local artist Jaclyn Stuart has launched her first solo exhibition in St Andrews.

Open to the public at the Vineyard Centre on Largo Road ‘The Bee, The Glory and The Blossom’ has struck a spiritual chord with visitors - just the response Jaclyn was hoping for.

“I’ve always wanted to create a narrative. Something that communicates something that is more than just a picture,” she explained. “Sometimes that is hidden or it can be more obvious, but I want to get people thinking deeper about life rather than just looking at a pretty picture - to have had an emotional connection to the work.”

Jaclyn lives in St Andrews with her husband Ross and two sons and has produced her first collection around her family and job as an art teacher.

“I’ve alway wanted to do my own show and I found that to get into the galleries, it is not only difficult but the environment is not me.

“I really wanted to make my art more accessible to people from every type of background, so that everyone can view the art but also have the opportunity to afford to buy the art and break down the traditional barriers of what art is.”

Running classes for children aged 5-12 and adults to learn how to create their own art Jaclyn remains passionate about the subject she chose after getting an ‘A’ at Highers. She said: “I decided then, art is what I want to do.”

Jaclyn explains why she thinks opening the doors to art and making it more accessible is the key to hectic lives.

She said: “Everybody is so busy in life and I think art and the arts in general is one way for people to stop and take a moment out of life.

“It provides a space to be able to evaluate things such as purpose and existence and regardless of the genre, the arts really give people the chance to do that.

“They challenge thought and politics and the role that plays within your own life.”

The Bee, The Glory and The Blossom is open Friday-Saturday from 10-8.30pm and next weekend, Thursday, November 26 - Saturday, November 28.