Visiting hours now the same at all Kingdom’s hospitals

Visiting times same at all Fife hospitals
Visiting times same at all Fife hospitals

NHS Fife has moved to extend and standardise visiting hours across all of its hospitals in the Kingdom.

The change means family and friends are now able to visit their loved ones at any time from 2.00 p.m until 8.00 p.m every day.

Previously, visiting times varied across NHS Fife hospitals and their respective wards.

However, these latest changes mean all hospitals now operate to the same times, making visiting patients easier and more convenient for everyone.

The improvements to the visiting hours have been made following dialogue with patients, families, and friends, who, when asked to give NHS Fife their views on visiting, expressed a preference for extending times and applying them uniformly across all hospitals.

Professor Scott McLean, executive director of nursing, said: “We understand the important role that visits by family and friends play in a patient’s recovery and that is why it is important that visiting times are as accessible as possible.”

Changes in times welcomed

Professor McLean welcomed the changes.

He said: “I am delighted that NHS Fife has moved to improve visiting times as this means that, regardless of what hospital a patient is in, loved ones know when they will be able to visit and can be confident making arrangements.

“Of course, there will be some situations where these new times will not suit visitors.

“In these instances, we will continue to be as flexible as possible to help facilitate alternative arrangements.”