Voice of Fife winner Dionne’s starring role in BBC programme

It was just three years ago this week that a shy, nervous 17-year-old stunned the audience, and herself, with a sensational performance to win our Voice of Fife competition.

Since then, Dionne Hickey’s star has continued to rise and she is now one of the most popular, and youngest, performers on the Scottish variety circuit.

And this Monday, Dionne will be featured in the final part of the BBC1 TV show ‘Viva Variety’.

Though the 20-year-old might not be tuning in herself...

“I don’t think I really want to watch it,” she admitted. “The filming stopped about a year ago and I am now massively different from the timid girl you will see on the TV.

“Back then I didn’t really know what I was doing but people who have seen me live recently will realise I have progressed so much since then.”

Dionne’s appearance on the show came about through a national talent agency and it was her youth and inexperience that attracted the producers.

“I think they wanted someone just starting out and there are only two or three girls my age doing this,” she said. “Filming started about 18 months ago and they basically followed me to various gigs and also other times, such as when I was starting university.”

Dionne, who is in second year of her festival and event management course, still looks backs fondly on the Voice of Fife and credits it with launching her on this unexpected path.

“I never thought for a moment I could build a career out of singing, in fact, I wasn’t even sure I could actually sing,” she said.

“But winning Voice of Fife gave me the confidence to pursue it and I’ve had great advice and support since then, especially from my dad Joe who looks after the ‘business’ side of things.”

This year saw Dionne perform for some of the athletes in the Commonwealth Games village, as well as a busy weekend schedule of gigs the length and breadth of the country.

She has also released some singles for download, with plans for an album next year, and is turning her hand more to songwriting, including a new festive offering.

“I was fed up hearing the same songs at this time of year so I thought, what we need is a brand new cheesy Christmas song, so I wrote one,” she laughs.

“It’s a fun pop song and we’ve made a video (which you can watch above) to go with it so I hope people will like it.”

You can download the track from November 24 and catch Dionne live when she appears at Fifty in Kirkcaldy on December 12.