Vote and give Adam a true dream garden

Adam Scott with dad Gavin and mum Lynne in their garden. Pic: FPA
Adam Scott with dad Gavin and mum Lynne in their garden. Pic: FPA

A Kirkcaldy family is hoping to make it through to the final of a nationwide competition for a garden makeover to help their disabled son.

Gavin Meldrum and Lynne Scott’s 14-year-old son Adam was born with a chromosome abnormality and is wheelchair bound.

Adam is such a happy little boy. He’s a real inspiration

Lynne Scott

The couple have entered a competition run by building company called ‘Win A Grand For Your Garden’.

The winner will receive £1,000 towards materials for their garden plus the help of a landscape gardener.

Lynne said that Adam is at his happiest when outdoors so they wanted to make the garden more accessible.

She said: “Adam has a lot of mental and physical disabilities. He is wheelchair bound, doesn’t have any speech and is registered blind although does have a small amount of vision in one eye.

“He also has epilepsy, stomach and chest problems and needs a tube inserted at night to keep his airwaves open.

“So we just try and make things as happy as we can for him and he just loves being outdoors.

“When the kids are all out playing he’s limited because he can’t get to all part of the garden as it’s quite uneven.

“His sisters Leah (12), Lily (8) and Amie (5) can be out throwing a ball about or whatever - and he just loves being in the middle of it.”

Lynne, who along with Gavin is a full-time carer for Adam, noticed the competition on Facebook and put in an entry. The 12 with the most votes will go through to the final and a panel of judges will pick the winner.

So far Lynne’s application has receievd over 900 votes and she says she’s “amazed” by the response.

“We can’t believe how many people have voted for us. The response has been brilliant.

“We just want to make the garden as best as we can for Adam so he can enjoy it.

“If we won I’m sure MyBuilder will have better ideas about what could be done, but we do struggle to get him in and out to the garden, it’s a two person job to do that so it would make it that bit easier for us too.

“Adam is such a happy little boy, he’s a real inspiration. He’s already been through more than anyone I know will go through in a lifetime.

“He’s already had something like 20 plus anaesthetics but he just smiles through everything.

‘‘He’s just amazing.

“If you’re having a hard time you can just look at Adam and think what he goes through and realise that things aren’t so bad.

“He really helps me cope.”

Voting closes tomorrow (Friday) but you can still vote for Lynne Scott’s entry at Garden makeover