Vote yes & back important BID for Kirkcaldy town centre future

Dom Panetta has always been involved with the BID
Dom Panetta has always been involved with the BID

Ballot papers have now been sent out to levy payers across the town centre on the future of Kirkcaldy4All, with many businesses coming out in support.

The vote - which runs until March 4 - will determine whether the BID company set up to help revive the town centre, will be able to move forward with its plans for a further five years.

Hairdressers Miguele Experience, in the town’s Tolbooth Street, is one fully backing Kirkcaldy4all for a second term.

Owner Dom Panetta, a supporter the BID since the beginning - he chaired the advisory board which helped to set it up - believes it is important for the town centre and the people who live, work and visit there.

He said: “I’ve been with the BID since it began five years ago, perhaps longer, having been a part of both the Kirkcaldy Town Centre Management and when that folded, the BID steering group.

“I was ecstatic when the BID was first voted in. It was new and we weren’t at all sure how it was going to work but it has become a fantastic benefit to the town centre.

“It really does work, and there is proof of that.”

With a long established business in Tolbooth Street, Dom will voting yes in the upcoming ballot.

He believes it is essential - not just important - that other business owners make the same decision.

“To those not planning to vote yes in the ballot, then I have to ask them ‘well, why not?’,” he continued. “It’s vital that everyone with businesses in the town centre area recognise the importance of having the BID in place.

“Bill Harvey and others at Kirkcaldy4All have done a really fantastic job for the town - and long may that continue in the future for many years.”

“It really would be a terrific shame if the BID failed, so its crucial that we don’t allow this happen,” Dom added.

Bill Harvey, manager of Kirkcaldy4All, said: “After almost five years, we have gained the support of the levy payers in the town centre and from people who visit and work in the area.

“It hasn’t been easy, it’s been a real hard slog and we have come up against a lot of obstacles such as the pedestranisation of the High Street and the ongoing issue of car parking.

“We have to take a different route in terms of regenerating the town.

“All the big industries have gone, coal mining for example,” Bill continued.

“We are looking at ways to revive the town centre and that’s our major plan for the future.”