Vote yes & let us deliver a vibrant town centre ...

Kirkcaldy4All played a key role from beach races to a food festival to the festive celebrations.
Kirkcaldy4All played a key role from beach races to a food festival to the festive celebrations.

Kirkcaldy4All is gearing up for its first ever re-ballot.

Voting papers have been sent out to all levy payers across the town centre Business Improvement District (BID) zone.

And their votes will determine the future of the company set up to promote and revitalise the heart of our town.

All levy payers will have until March 4 to vote - but the team behind the BID is committed to maintaining its work while it waits on the outcome.

Kirkcaldy4All’s main aim is to deliver projects and services that will be of benefit to the businesses, their customers and visitors to the town.

One of 150 established across the UK, it is now looking for the ‘yes’ vote for a second fixed term.

Bill Harvey, BID manager, is keen for all the hard work that the team has put into rejevenating the High Street area, to continue.

He said: “With a yes vote, it will be full steam ahead with the plans that we have already outlined in our business plan for 2015.”

Kirkcaldy4All has spoken up for the town centre - it is currently at the forefront of the campaign to sort out the long-standing parking problems - and been a major influence with Fife Council and Kirkcaldy Ambitions in bringing about changes.

It has also worked on a range of events including this year’s acclaimed festive celebrations, a food festival - but it isn’t simply an events company.

The BID company has carried out a number of projects inlcuding cleaning gutters and removing all the rooftop gardens around the town - and it worked individually with a range of businesses.

It wants to continue to invest as much as it can into the town centre.

“We will move forward and do what we can to make Kirkcaldy town centre a place to visit and work,” Bill continued.

“There is not another group that will be able to fulfil the role that we play .

“It really is important that we can continue the work that we have been doing.

“Our business plan for the next five years will look at the ongoing issue of parking within the town centre as well as looking at what else can be done with the waterfront area,”Bill continued.

“We have already had meetings regarding how we will move forward after the vote in March.

“Hopefully there will be the vote and then come the next day, it will be business as usual.

“Everyone has the town’s best interest at heart so we want to keep the momentum going.” Bill added.