Walk Inn will re-open for business

West Wemyss Walk Inn
West Wemyss Walk Inn

Assurances have been made that the West Wemyss Walk Inn, which closed as a cafe/bar and restaurant last week, will re-open its doors in the future.

The chairman of the West Wemyss Development Trust, which manages the community enterprise , said the building remains in the gift of the community and will still be used for community events.

The Walk Inn, which opened in 2011 after funding worth over £500,000 was made a available from the Village SOS scheme - a BBC venture in partnership with the Big Lottery - closed its doors on Sunday, March 30 with the loss of five part time staff.

Bill said: “It has been a long hard winter and income has not reached the expected level and closure became inevitable.”

However, the Trust has assured locals that a review will be carried out over the next few months over the future of the facility.

“Although the Walk Inn as a business has ceased to trade, the premises remains in the gift of the community providing it (the building) continues to be used towards the good of the community in line with the expectations of the Big Lottery who financed the initiative back in 2011,” Bill said.

“Over the next few months, the Trust in conjunction with the Community Development Team will be reviewing the future of the facility and in the meantime, volunteers from the village and beyond, are working hard to raise funds to ensure the building can be maintained as a place where meetings can be held, events catered for and of course, our very successful heritage centre will remain open for as long as we can support the basic utility requirements of the premises.”

Dates for a special AGM and an open public meeting will be announced soon to enable the community to come along, ask their questions and hopefully provide their support going forward, said Bill.

The West Wemyss Walk Inn opened in 2011, after the development trust was set up in a bid to revitalise the coastal village. The journey was captured as part of the Village SOS scheme, which funded the community project.