Wandering Kirkcaldy chicken set to be reunited with owners

Babs the runaway chicken
Babs the runaway chicken

The owners of an escaped chicken found wandering about gardens in Kirkcaldy appear to have been traced.

The Press was contacted after the story appeared on our Twitter feed by Malcolm Christie who said that the chicken, which Scottish SPCA staff named ‘Babs’, was his.

And we can reveal that the black hen’s real name is Jellybean!

Malcolm no longer lives at his parents’ house, where Jellybean is kept, but instantly recognised his pet.

And he said his parents were on their way to the Scottish SPCA’s Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre to pick her up.

Jellybean was taken there when a resident of Duddingston Drive found her in their front garden at around 1.00 p.m. on Thursday, January 30.

At the time, animal rescue officer Kieran Smart said: “‘Babs’ is a friendly girl who was quite happy to be picked up and handled so she’s clearly used to human contact and is most likely a pet hen who has been kept in a small, domestic setting.

“She’s in good condition so we think it’s likely she’s just strayed from home.”