Warning about scammers

The CAB is warning about telephone scammers in Fife.
The CAB is warning about telephone scammers in Fife.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has become the latest target for telephone scammers.

In a warning issued today the advice body said they would never phone anyone who was not already a client.

The fraudsters are calling people claiming to be from the CAB and asking for financial information so they can help them clear their debts.

But the CAB’s Norma Philpott, Manager of Citizens Advice and Rights Fife, said today: “I want to state very clearly that the CAB is not telephoning people at random to ask for their financial information. This is not something we would ever do, nor would any reputable organisation.

“We occasionally call clients we already have a relationship with, but we never call anyone out of the blue to offer financial services.”

And, of course, she had advice to offer anyone receiving such a call: “Do not give them any information, and report the call as soon as you can to our consumer helpline on 03454 040506 or to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. It’s only by reporting such scams that we can stamp them out and help others avoid them in future.”

Ms Philpott added that the CAB is “only to willing to help” people with their debts, but added: “You have to come to us. Please call 0345 1400 094 if you need help with debt or other money advice matters.”