Warning after scammers target elderly woman in St Andrews

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Police in St Andrews are advising local residents to be on their guard after an elderly woman in the town was persuaded to give a bogus telephone caller her bank details.

This resulted in the fraudster removing several thousand pounds from her bank account.

The caller purported to be from the Microsoft company and claimed that her software licence had expired and been hacked. He then asked for money to resolve the issue.

Officers are now warning residents not to be taken in by these telephone fraudsters and follow some simple advice if they receive such a phone call.

Police Constable Joanna Peddie of St Andrews Police Station said: “We’d urge anyone who may have been a victim of this type of crime to contact us, or a trusted neighbour or relative, as soon as possible.

“It is never the victim’s fault. Perpetrators of this kind of phone scam are very manipulative and will use all possible means to convince the homeowner that they’re legitimate in order to get money.

“Be wary of anyone phoning you up out of the blue claiming that you need to pay them money over the phone.

“If you are unsure, or are made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated then call someone you know or the police.”

Contact the police by calling 101.

For more information on how to protect yourself against fraud and scams, have a look at the Police Scotland website below;