Warning to dog owners after five sheep dead in Cardenden incident

Five sheep have died on a farm near Cardenden '“ the latest in a serious of incidents in Fife.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 2:27 pm
Updated Friday, 9th March 2018, 3:33 pm
Police have warned dog owners to control their animals after several attacks in Fife (Pic: Scott Louden)
Police have warned dog owners to control their animals after several attacks in Fife (Pic: Scott Louden)

Two were killed instantly on Tuesday/Wednesday, and three others later put down by a vet as a result of their injuries.

Now police have warned dog owners to keep control of their animals at all times.

The latest incident cames just six weeks after three sheep were attacked and killed in a field near Leslie, while another was badly hurt and subsequently put down near Leven last month.

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Police say the impact of sheep worrying is not only extremely harrowing for the farmers, but has a significant financial implication.

PC Fraser Laird, crime prevention officer, said: “Throughout the Fife area we have seen a number of incidents already this year of dogs being dangerously out of control. We are appealing to dog owners to ensure proper control of their dogs.

“We are thankful that there are many responsible dog owners in our area, but we would just like to remind them about the importance of making sure they are in control of their pet at all times.

“It is also worth remembering that, while you know your dog and understand their behaviour, other people may be nervous and might see what you consider playful behaviour to be frightening or intimidating.

“Legislative changes recently introduced mean that dog owners may now be prosecuted even when the dog is within its own home and it is important that this is borne in mind.

“Offences relating to dogs are taken very seriously and I would warn dog owners to adhere to our advice or face a visit from us.”

Dog owners are advised to keep pets on a lead when around other animals and to always be aware of cattle and livestock when in rural settings. In addition, dogs should only be walked by someone who is able to control the animal and who can reward good behaviour, while correcting bad or dangerous behaviour.