Warning from eco firm

Duncan Oswald of Newburgh-based environmental consultancy Ecodyn.
Duncan Oswald of Newburgh-based environmental consultancy Ecodyn.

A leading north east Fife environmental consultancy is encouraging communities to sign the Big 60 000 project petition, in order to contribute to the environment and stop spiralling energy bill rises.

Newburgh firm Ecodyn Ltd has developed community and co-operative wind energy programmes throughout Scotland.

However, its experts believe falling government incentives could slow Scotland’s renewables momentum, with environmental consequences.

Falls in the Feed-In-Tariff scheme next Spring, which has financially encouraged communities to erect turbines and sell energy back to the grid, will see fewer on-shore developments progressing.

This comes at a time when Scotland has failed to meet statutory carbon reduction targets three years in a row.

Now an industry campaign group, Action For Renewables, is calling on individuals and local communities to support their Big 60 000 project.

The project aims to ask the government to review the level of percentage drop in incentives for small scale wind projects, like farm and domestic turbines.

Ecodyn Ltd has itself thrown its support behind it, claiming such developments are the only way for people to proof themselves against higher domestic bills.

Chartered Environmentalist and founder of Ecodyn Ltd, Duncan Oswald, said: “We have been assessing how the fall in tariffs will affect the energy industry in Scotland. What we are realising is that, although the incentives are falling for generating renewable energy, the rationale for small scale development remains very compelling.

“People are coming to us because they realise the only way to shield themselves against price rises from the Big 6 energy companies, is to take control of their own energy use and costs. The best way to do this, for the longer term, is to be self sufficient and generate the energy you use in your home through small-scale developments such as on-shore wind.

“However, the Big 60 000 project and petition to government recognises that the removal of appropriate financial backing could undermine the progress which has been made in recent years.”