Warning not to feed birds

Dorothy Bosomworth
Dorothy Bosomworth

HOUSEHOLDERS are again being warned not to feed gulls after a Cupar pensioner was hit by a hard chunk of bread tossed from a town centre flat.

Dorothy Bosomworth (65) was struck on the shoulder by the ‘missile’ as she made her way from Crossgate to the Bonnygate via George Inn Pend on Tuesday afternoon.


She said: ”Although I wasn’t hurt it was very disconcerting. Bread was being thrown indiscriminately from a flat above and landing on the ground, so gulls were circling and swooping.

“It was really quite frightening and I imagine would be even more so for small children.”

Fife Council’s environmental service manager Elaine Devine said: “It is important that the public do not feed gulls and we have erected signs in certain areas to highlight the problems they can cause. “Council officers will also visit householders who feed birds inappropriately at home, such as scattering bread and other waste food on their lawns.

“ Apart from the nuisance this can cause neighbours, such practices can also attract vermin and we would urge people that like to feed small garden birds to only use proper bird feeders.

“Some gulls have learnt to associate people with food and will swoop down on them to try and steal whatever it is that is being eaten. This can be frightening, especially where children are involved.”

She added: “Current legislation does allow owners of property to take action against nesting gulls, where they are causing problems impacting on public safety, and this can include egg and nest removal.”