Warning over fake bank notes

Fake �20 bank notes are in circulation in Glenrothes
Fake �20 bank notes are in circulation in Glenrothes

Police in Glenrothes have issued a warning regarding counterfeit money following fake bank notes being circulated in the area.

The public are urged to look out for counterfeit £20 bank notes.

Kenny Greig, community sergeant, said: “I would ask the public to be particularly vigilant when taking monies.

“These fraudsters target premises and often put on the persona of being a genuine customer.

“Often low-value goods are purchased with fake money with the intention of gaining real money back — but also depriving the retailer of the goods.

“There are a number of simple steps that can be taken to avoid being the victim of such crime.”

Those who discover a possible fake note should check the feel - it should feel crisp, not limp, waxy or shiny; look - print lines should be sharp and well defined. Colours should be clear and distinct; tilt - check for the watermark image and security thread; compare both sides of the note to one you know is genuine or use a detector pen as a guide.

The advice is not to rely just on one feature to assess whether the note is genuine, but to check a few.