Warning to other pet owners from family of cat attacked in Glenrothes

Kameere has been left with a fractured skull
Kameere has been left with a fractured skull

A Glenrothes woman has described the “sickening” moment a thug attacked her cat, leaving it with a fractured skull and in danger of losing an eye.

Bengal cat Kameere was attacked by a man at Minto Crescent on Sunday, July 1, around 12.45pm.

Owner Michelle Bartel (43) said her family have been left “devastated” by the unprovoked attack on their 16-year-old cat.

“She’s quite poorly,” said Michelle. “She’s got a fractured skull and they had to stitch her left eye shut.

“She’s really nervous and jumpy. She’s not eating yet. She’s just generally subdued, which is not like her.

“But she’s here, and that’s the main thing.”

Michelle witnessed the attack after hearing Kameere screaming.

“I heard her screaming and it wasn’t the usual sound she makes if she has gotten into a fight,” said Michelle. “I got up to have a look out of the window and there’s this guy slamming her off the ground repeatedly.

“I just started screaming ‘let her go’ and shouted for my husband.

“The man let her go and we think he threw her into the garden. We ran out to find her on the grass and she was an absolute mess. He ran off.”

Michelle says she does not know what provoked the assault, and that Kameere is known in the whole neighbourhood.

She said the family are “devastated” by the attack, especially her 16-year-old son, who has grown up alongside Kameere, bought just six months after his birth.

Michelle also issued a warning to other cat owners in the area, saying: “Keep an eye on your cat, because this person is out there and if he has done it to my cat he could do it again.

“Be vigilant and make sure your cat is safe.”

The man is described as white, 6ft tall and with a slim build. Following the incident he ran off towards the Glenwood Shopping Centre.

Police are investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact Glenrothes Police Station via 101 and quote incident number 518 of July 1. Alternatively an anonymous report can be made to the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.