Watch out! Hurricane Gonzalo is heading our way ...!

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Not only has autumn arrived and the clocks are about to go back, but we might be about to get hit by the tail end of a hurricane.

Gales and heavy ran are predicted to hit parts of Scotland tomorrow as Hurricane Gonzalo lands after causing damage in Bermuda.

Stormy conditions are likely to include driving rain and wind, and a drop in temperatures which may result in challenging driving conditions.

The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo are expected to hit Scotland on Monday night into Tuesday morning.

It caused widespread damage and a power blackout in Bermuda on Saturday. Low pressure from the storm is now expected to move across the Atlantic and hit the UK in the next couple of days.

While a ‘yellow warning’ has been issued for coastal areas, the Met Office stated it was ‘‘perfectly normal weather for mid-October.’’

A spokesman said: “It will basically be a typical Autumnal spell of weather, with heavy rain and gales and a fall in temperature. It’s perfectly normal weather for mid-October.

“It will affect traffic in coastal areas, and there is likely to be some standing water and short-lived incidents, but the worst of the rain will be overnight. It will be a very windy day on Tuesday.

“But for the block of mainland Scotland there is no warning out - it’s mainly going to be a coastal feature.”

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