We all need to communicate

Leven Community Council members
Leven Community Council members
  • Local group liaison
  • Re-engage with residents
  • Easing concerns

Better communication is reckoned to be the key to a safer and more confident Leven community.

A larger than usual gathering at Leven Community Council’s monthly meeting on Monday evening heard residents and representatives of various groups in the town express the general view that linking up more effectively for local events and trying to share information more effectively might help allay some of the worries people had about safety in the community.

The current high-profile police presence would continue.

Police Scotland

There had been a strong reaction, understandably, to the murder of 82-year-old Mary Logie in her Green Gates home this month, with many elderly people said to be concerned about answering their doors and, in many cases, being advised not to do so by relatives.

The aftermath of Mrs Logie’s killing also seemed to coincide with frequent cases of people delivering leaflets or ‘cold-calling’ at doors which, the meeting heard, had also heightened worry for people with disabilities who had difficulty answering their doors unless a carer was present.

Leven’s area ward officers, PCs Gordon Latto and Lorraine King, read out a prepared statement from senior police colleagues, which aimed to reassure people that such tragedies were rare and the current high-profile police presence would continue during the investigation into Mrs Logie’s death .

Caroline Mitchell, of the Letham Glen Community Support Centre, believed some people in the community – not just the elderly – were feeling more vulnerable generally and community groups should try to work more cleosely together to re-establish contact with residents.

However, community council treasurer Eddie Young believed the town was not as threatening as some were making out, while Councillor Tom Adams said the mainstream media had portrayed the Broom area as far worse than it was.