We are already paid well enough

Local MPs Stephn Gethins, Roger Mullin and Peter Grant on election night (Fife Photo Agency)
Local MPs Stephn Gethins, Roger Mullin and Peter Grant on election night (Fife Photo Agency)
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Fife’s foursome of SNP MPs has said a unanimous ‘no’ to a proposed 10 per cent pay increase.

All four newly-elected Westminster representatives told the Press that, in times of austerity and public sector cutbacks, they opposed the hike of around £7000.

I don’t think it is reasonable

Roger Mullin

MPs’ salaries are due to rise from around £67,000 to £74,000, after the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) ruled they were not paid enough.

MPs can’t opt out of the rise, which is set automatically – but Fife’s quartet is following a directive from the SNP leadership to donate the extra sum instead to charitable causes.

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath’s Roger Mullin said: “I have already committed publicly via my Facebook page to giving any pay increase to local constituency-based charities and good causes. I don’t think it reasonable to take a rise when so many fellow workers are not getting anything, or very little. I am working seven days a week and long hours, but then so are many people in other walks of life, so I don’t see that as a reason to get special treatment.”

Peter Grant, in Glenrothes and Central Fife, added: “I believe IPSA’s decision is wrong, not just because MPs shouldn’t be getting a 10 per cent pay increase when other public sector workers are lucky to get one per cent. IPSA’s reasoning is also flawed, in my view. I will be donating the full value of the increase, and any other increase during the current parliament, to local charitable and voluntary organisations.”

Stephen Gethins, of North East Fife, said MPs were already well paid and it was the “wrong time”, while Dunfermline/West Fife’s Douglas Chapman said 10 per cent seemed “unthinkable”, although the decision had been reached by an independent body.