We can stroll again upon the Prom, Prom, Prom...


LEVEN Promenade is officially fixed after suffering storm damage – over a year ago.

Fife Council has carried out a month-long repair programme to two sections of the sea wall which collapsed after being battered by winter tides.

The work was expected to be complete yesterday (Tuesday).

Murray Scott, consultant engineer with the structural division of transporation services, said: “The storm had hit the section of wall a couple of times and the work needed to repair the damage was considerable.

“The adjacent wall was undermined and it took a lot of time to stabilise it.”

Until repairs began on March 28, a 20-foot walkway section had simply been cordoned off with metal security fences.

Disgruntled locals said they were bewildered at why Fife Council did not fix the damage last summer.

Pauline Harvey from Leven said: “It looks like there has been a earthquake.”

Following such complaints, Fife Council announced a target date of October had been set for repairing the site but that date came and went.

Development manager Peter Howden explained the delay had been partly due to funding issues and a backlog of works required across the Kingdom.

He said: “There’s no single pot of money in the council set aside to deal with this particular level of storm damage.

“We took a fair hammering with damage right along Fife’s coast from Aberdour to Tayport.”

Fife Council had to coldly assess whether it was financially viable to fix some damaged sections at all.

Thankfully, in Leven Prom’s case the outcome was clear.

“The option was taken to hold the line,” said Murray Scott.

“Albeit the wall is old and showing its age, it’s still performing well.”