‘We can’t inconvenience thousands of tourists’

Temple Car Park
Temple Car Park
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THERE are growing fears of the effect Fife Council budget cuts to public toilet facilities will have on tourism and the local economy.

Largo Area Community Council is the latest group to speak out against the local authority’s idea to ask more businesses to allow members of the public to use their facilities if caught short.

The community council said this wasn’t a satisfactory option and reiterated its desire to improve the village’s purpose- built facility.

It has been campaigning for a number of years now to have the Temple car park toilet block upgraded to include disabled access and still believes this is the way forward.

However, despite carrying out a number of public consultations putting forward a range of plans, the community council hasn’t been able to take the project any further forward as it has not been able to access adequate funding.

Peter Aitken, the group’s chair, said: “The public toilet facility at the Temple car park is not just a WC it is an integral tourist facility as thousands of tourists come to Lower Largo each year boosting the local community.

“The WC facility is used by tourists, walkers from the Fife Coastal Path and families from the beach and the loss of this facility would be yet a further blow to Fife tourism and the local economy.

“Fife Council proposes to ask local businesses to allow members of the public access to their toilet facilities but this is no substitute for a proper purpose built facility in the proper location, which is the beach at Lower Largo.

“There needs to be ‘joined-up’ thinking to link plans to encourage tourism in Fife which boosts the local economy balanced against the small amount which would be saved by closing the facility altogether.

“We must not forget that the legend of Robinson Crusoe, which is believed to be based on Alexander Selkirk from Lower Largo, brings thousands of tourists each year.

“If Robinson Crusoe were to return from his desert island in 2014 which is 310 years from when he set out, we do not want him caught short when he returns to Largo.”