We can’t wait to move in!

Rosslyn School will be more spacious and modern following the move. Pic: FPA
Rosslyn School will be more spacious and modern following the move. Pic: FPA

As the first vat of cement is poured onto the foundations of the new Viewforth building, Rosslyn School is looking to the future as the build slowly takes shape.

Once completed in 2016, the school will be housed together under one roof along with Viewforth High, a public library and local Council offices at Windmill playing fields.

The school caters for children and young adults aged between three and 18 with complex additional support needs.

With 24 pupils split over four classrooms, staff, pupils and parents are all looking forward to the new school expanding and being much more suitable for the needs of the children.

Nick Caiger, headteacher, said: “We are all really excited about the move.

“The school that we have now is an old Victorian building with extensions added in the 1960s and 70s.

“But the new build will be state of the art and be of a better benefit to the pupils, creating much more room for the pupils and staff.

“It really is a fantastic opportunity for the school to be a part of.”

Following the completion of the new building, Rosslyn School will be spread over an entire wing giving the pupils and staff much needed extra space.

There will be an additional classroom taking the total up to five, laundry facilities, space for storing equipment such as wheelchairs and hoists, and three changing rooms in between the classrooms.

In addition there will be a larger garden which will be fenced in for the children’s safety.

The pupils will also have the opportunity to use Viewforth high school’s gym, assembly hall and playing fields and other facilities that they didn’t have before due to access in the orginal school building.

“Staff and parents have worked closely with the designers and builders to ensure that the finalised plans reach the required need of the children,” continued Nick.

“At the moment, we lack some storage, so that was important as well as toilet facilities that can be used by all the children.

“The school has its own nurse and our new wing will be providing a bigger and better medical room.

“We also need to look closely at how to help the pupils deal with the move in the best way possible.

“We’ve seen the plans and now we look forward to it all taking shape.

“Everyone associated with the school welcomes the idea of being part of the wider community following the move,” said Nick.

“However, we still want to keep our individual identity as Rosslyn School but we are excited at the changes in the year or so ahead.”