We have to wait four years for Orla’s first birthday!

James & Rachel Farmer with baby Orla who was born on Feb 29
James & Rachel Farmer with baby Orla who was born on Feb 29
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BABIES are born around the world all day every day, but few can say they were born on a day which occurs once every four years.

Now one little Kirkcaldy girl is among this group of people who will only be able to celebrate her birthday on the date she was actually born on a leap year.

For Orla Ann Farmer was born at the town’s Victoria Hospital on Wednesday, February 29.

Parents Rachael (18), and James Farmer, who live in Kirkcaldy, were pleased to welcome their bundle of joy into the world - their first child - on the special date which comes round once every four years.

Proud dad James (22), said Orla had been due two days earlier.

He told the Press: “I was a wee bit hesitant before and was hoping it wouldn’t be that day because of the confusion over the dates.”

But despite the date, the couple are delighted about the arrival of their gorgeous little girl.

Orla’s date of birth means they will now need to make a decision on what day to celebrate her birthday on non-leap years - whether it’s February 28 or March 1.

James added: “It’s a good thing really, as she is a wee bit unique from the other children.

“She’s got a special birthday.

“She’s only got her true one every four years.”

Orla was born at around 9.25 a.m on February 29, weighing 6lb 10oz.