We just can’t believe our luck

The Tracey family receive the keys to their new car
The Tracey family receive the keys to their new car

A father of two who narrowly escaped injury when he wrote off his car on the way to work, is this week celebrating the “win of a lifetime”.

Peter Tracey and his family from Milton of Balgonie were facing a bleak Christmas and an uncertain future after he was the victim of last week’s severe ‘weather bomb’ conditions which caused him to skid on black ice and crash while travelling to work.

But just days after the incident the Tracey family took the telephone call that turned disaster into possibly the best Christmas ever when it was confirmed they were the winners of a new Suzuki Alto - the top prize in the Kingdom Shopping Centre’s promotion.

It was Peter’s wife Gwendoline who took the initial call and admitted her initial thoughts were more bad news.

“When the centre called I thought Peter had lost his wallet or something bad had happened, I never believed it could be about the car,” Gwendoline told the Gazette.

Peter added: “At first I thought it was a wind up, but when when we were told it was true we just couldn’t believe our luck.”

And in an added twist of fate the car written off was also a Suzuki, which the family bought eight years ago from the same sales manager and same Kirkcaldy showroom now supplying this prize.

Greig Coxall, director at Brentwood Motor Company said he was delighted for the Tracey family.

“You couldn’t make it up, fate must have played a hand in the Tracey’s being chosen as the winners, I suggest they buy a lottery ticket this week, they are on a roll,” joked Greig.

Winning ticket chosen from over 2000 entries

The two-week Kingdom Shopping Centre Christmas sales promotion allowed every shopper who spent £10 or more in stores a voucher to enter the prize draw for the car.

Peter Tracey from Milton of Balgonie was chosen from over 2000 entries on Monday, December 15.

Robert Winter, centre manager said: “We are delighted that Peter has won, what a Christmas present. We would like to thank all our customers who entered and all of our tenants for promoting this fantastic campaign.”