We’ll clean up mosque debris - we want to be good neighbours

The new Kirkcaldy mosque
The new Kirkcaldy mosque

Assurances have been given that rubbish and building materials around the new mosque in Kirkcaldy will be cleaned up and the area left tidy.

Committee members told the Press they would ensure that work to remove the “eyesore” mess around the site of the Kirkcaldy Central Mosque at Cumbrae Terrace would be carried out as soon as possible, after local residents complained about the state the area had been left in.

Rubbish is strewn around the mosque building

Rubbish is strewn around the mosque building

Photographs sent to the Press’ Facebook show sheets of polythene, wooden pallets, paint pots, polystyrene, food wrappers and other rubbish scattered around the mosque building which is enclosed by metal chain link fencing.

And one woman commented: “Can you tell me when this eyesore is going to be completed or even tidied up?”

Mazhar Salim, secretary of the committee which is behind the project, said he would take prompt action to see it was cleared as soon as possible.

“I am surprised to hear that it is so bad, but our chairman has been on holiday for some time and he is the one who is usually hands on at the site.

We want to work with the Council and with the local community and we don’t want to upset anyone, so we will have it tidied up quickly.

Mazhar Salim

“We want to work with the Council and with the local community and we don’t want to upset anyone, so we will have it tidied up quickly.”

Mr Salim explained that the external building work of the mosque was now complete and the next phase would involve starting on all the interior work.

“It is no small matter and the plumbing work alone will cost around £100,000,” he said.

‘‘It is a major specialist contract.

‘‘We have put some of the internal works out to tender but it can take some time for the companies to get back to us.”

He explained that the building of the mosque had started almost from scratch and each new phase relied on charity fundraising events taking place to raise the money to pay for it.

“We didn’t have all the money just waiting in the bank to allow us to build this.

‘‘It all had to be raised through donations and events.

“We are not sure how long it will take to complete the building.

‘‘It could be another couple of years or it could be done much sooner, depending on when the money is available,” he said.

Planning permission was granted in November 2011 and construction work began in March 2012.

So far around £800,000 has been spent on the building, with the final total expected to be around £1.2 million.

When complete, the mosque will be the place of worship for hundreds of Muslims around the whole of Fife and beyond.

Kirkcaldy Central Mosque

As well as a place of worship, the mosque will be a community centre for Fife’s Muslim community. It will have meeting halls, a library, classrooms, computer rooms, a games hall and kitchen, providing services including prayers, Quran classes, marriage solemnisation, funeral services, advice and support for new Muslims, sports, Urdu language classes, Asian community support and educational events.