‘We’ll listen to housing issues in Glenrothes’

Coaltown of Balgonie
Coaltown of Balgonie
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Assurances have been made that full consideration will be given to residents’ concerns over future social housing plans in the Glenrothes area.

That’s according to Ian Sloan, councillor for Ward 16 in which three proposed new housing projects are planned.

The potential sites at Lady Nina Square in Coaltown of Balgonie, Orebank Terrace, Thornton, and on land in Happer Crescent, Woodside, have all seen a number of concerns raised by residents living closest to the proposed new housing developments.

Councillor Sloan told the Gazette: “It is essential that the comments of local residents and community councils are taken on board, especially in respect to potential parking issues and congestion on approach roads to the proposed developments.

“The people who took the time to attend the various presentations are to be thanked for their interest and voicing their concerns about the proposed new housing.”

However, Mr Sloane highlighted the need to tackle the levels of demand that outweighs the available housing stock.

“The need for new social, affordable housing cannot be disputed, “ said Mr Sloane.

“At the end of December, 1147 people were seeking a home in Glenrothes North, 1269 in Glenrothes West and 1473 people needing a house in Glenrothes East.

“In the villages, the waiting list for homes in Coaltown is 110, Milton 34 and Thornton 237, while 257 people have applied to the council and the housing associations for accommodation in Markinch.”

Public meetings were recently held in areas allowing residents to put forward their views concerning the controversial housing plans.

Planning officers assured members of the public they are only at the proposal stage and no formal planning permission has yet been granted for any of the proposed developments.