we’ll meet again

A CAMPAIGN group protesting about lengthy delays in regenerating Invertiel has finally met with one of its local councillors – but he didn’t know it was them!

Councillor George Kay who represents Burntisland, Kinghorn and Kirkcaldy West, agreed to meet residents in Seafield at the weekend.

What he didn’t realise when he attended on Sunday was that it was with with representatives from Kirkcaldy Needs Action Today (KNAT).

When contacted by the Press to see how the meeting had gone he said: “I didn’t know it was them!

‘‘I met with a couple of Seafield residents earlier in the week and agreed to go to a meeting with their neighbours to discuss local issues.

‘‘At no point was KNAT mentioned – I didn’t know that was who they were representing.”

John Alexander, a member of KNAT, said: “We are just a group of local residents who want to see improvements in the Inverteil area.

‘‘The meeting was very constructive, and we achieved the objectives of airing our grievances and concerns predominantly about the Inverteil area directly to Councillor Kay.

“It was good that his constituents had the opportunity to tell him face to face of the issues affecting them such as Morrisons plans.

‘’He had a look around the back of the former B&Q site and saw for himself the state it is in.”

Councillor Kay also described the meeting as “good” and added: “They, like me, want to see the area pulled up. I advised them as well as I could on what they could do, such as lobbying local councillors in the run up to the Kirkcaldy Area Committee Meeting on March 30 when the Inverteil plans are due to be discussed.

“This whole area is part of the Inverteil masterplan, and I am happy to speak to anyone about it.”

l KNAT has launched a new website at www.knat.org.uk