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Burntisland Primary School
Burntisland Primary School
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BURNTISLAND’S Community Council has reiterated its message that the site for a brand new primary school in the town MUST be the right one for future generations.

And it has rejected claims from a local councillor that any change would lead to a prolonged delay in getting started.

The Community Council is preparing its response to the local authority over the proposed site for a new school which has sparked huge debate in the town.

And Alex McDonald, chairman, has also responded to a letter from Councillor George Kay - who has championed the Toll Park site - which outlined his fears that any changes could result in an 18-month delay.

He said: “George says that if the education committee decide in January not to proceed with the current plan then it could set the project back 18 months. I understand his rationale but I don’t agree with it.

‘‘At least two of the Community Council members – including myself – are professional project managers. We know only too well that delay comes from forging ahead with an inappropriate plan.


‘‘The recipe for a successful outcome is to get it right plan in the first place.”

The chairman also rejected Cllr Kay’s claim his organisation had been inconsistent in its response to a new site for the school.

Mr McDonald said: We have consistently sought the best overall outcome for Burntisland and done so robustly.

“Our discussions depend heavily on the quality and timeliness of information released to us.

‘‘It may well be fruitful to explore how and when information was released by Fife Council, but I suspect it would be in all our interests to look to the future rather than the past.”

In his letter, Councillor Kay said the decisions taken at the start of 2012 were crucial to the project.

Delay fears

He continued: “If approval is given at the January meeting of the education committee we will move on to the planning stages which would happen in and around the elections in May.

“Should the meeting send back the consultation for whatever reason then this could put the project back by anything up to 18 months.’’

Cllr Kay added: “I hope that the response drafted from the Community Council to the ongoing consultation will address the subject of that consultation which, I repeat, is the educational benefits of the Toll Park.

‘‘It would be unhelpful if the Community Council sought to respond to a question that is not being asked.”