We need a lower limit!

Candles left as vigil for Gordon Logan who was killed in a hit & run on Dunnikier Way, Kirkcaldy
Candles left as vigil for Gordon Logan who was killed in a hit & run on Dunnikier Way, Kirkcaldy

a NEW campaign calling for the speed limit on the dual carriageway at Dunnikier Way on the east of Kirkcaldy to be lowered to 30 m.p.h. is gathering support.

Around 1500 supporters have backed the Facebook campaign, which is being led by Wendy Logan, whose 10-year-old son Gordon was killed outside the town’s Asda supermarket nine years ago.

It is being organised with her friend Colin Lafferty who also lost a child in a motor accident.

Together they are calling for the speed limit to be lowered - and for more education for pedestrians in the town.

To help raise awareness Wendy and Colin arranged a mini candlelit vigil at the side of the dual carriageway, near to where Gordon was killed at the weekend.

She said: “There have been too many deaths on this stretch of road.

‘‘If lowering the speed limit by just 10 miles an hour saves even one life then it will be worth it.

“I do not want any more families to suffer a loss like I have and like the family of the two women in the most recent accident have.

“I know we don’t know the circumstances of the recent accident, but the fact that two more people have lost their lives on this road shows that something more needs to be done.

Lower limit

“Lowering the limit will give drivers more time to react and pedestrians more time to cross safely.”

Wendy says the candlelit vigil was arranged very late in the day and only attracted a handful of people along, but others who were unable to make it on Saturday have since laid candles of their own at the tree near where Gordon, who was hit by a driver doing more than double the current 40 m.p.h. limit, lost his life.

Wendy explained: “Not a day goes by when I don’t think about Gordon, and the latest accident re-opened a lot of old wounds. I just want this road made as safe as it can be for the many school pupils from St Andrews High, Kirkcaldy High and Viewforth High Schools who use it regularly.”


She said in the new year the campaigners hoped to organise a roashow to highlight their campaign and raise awarness of the dangers to help educate more people.

“We would like to hold it in the Asda car park if we are allowed or if not in the Gallatown park in the spring,” she said.

“We would like to get the Council, the Police and the Safe Drive, Stay Alive roadshow people involved too.

“Losing a loved one rips the heart out of a family and you don’t really get over it, you just learn to get on with it. We just want to do what we can to minimise the possibility of it happening to anyone else.”