We need a recycling point!

The overflowing Dunvegan recycling point
The overflowing Dunvegan recycling point

A LONG-RUNNING saga of overflowing recycling bins on a Kirkcaldy housing estate could soon be a thing of the past.

A recycling station at Dunvegan Avenue has been so successful that it is often filled to overflowing, with people leaving carrier bags full of bottles, cans and plastic lying around the bins.

Residents in the area have complained to the Council on numerous occasions, with many saying that it posed a danger to school children walking to nearby Strathallan Primary School.

However, following a meeting between residents living in the Dunvegan Avenue area and environmental officers from Fife Council, a plan of action has been drawn up to try to solve the problem.

The meeting formed part of the monthly Kirkcaldy West Community Council agenda and was held in Strathallan Primary last week to enable local residents to have their say.

Elaine Devine, service manager for commercial operations, said: “The recycling point at Dunvegan Avenue has always been well used, and on occasion this has led to a build up of recyclable materials around the bins. This problem has been resolved, but the Council and local Community Council are keen that this situation doesn’t happen again so we’ve identified three actions.

“Firstly, Fife Council will monitor the facility on a regular basis to make sure the bins are being emptied often enough. Secondly, residents are being asked to contact the Council as soon as they notice the recycling bins are full. Thirdly, we’re looking to see whether there’s another location in the area where another recycling point could be located, to help ease the pressure on the Dunvegan Avenue facility.”

The news was welcomed by residents living in Dunvegan Avenue and surrounding streets.

Michelle Rush said: “It is emptied about twice a week. For a while it was bad and people were leaving bags at the side which they shouldn’t be doing. It would be good if there was another recycling point in the area.”

Tanya Lonergan said: “It would take the pressure off that one if there was another. It hasn’t been as bad recently when I have been taking my daughter to school.”

Abbi Trowell said: “Having another place, maybe further down the hill would be a good idea.”

Sadia Salim said: “I use it quite often when I am passing and it is often full. Another one would mean it wouldn’t fill up so quickly.”