We need to build more houses

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COMMUNITY and council are once again locked in a Buckhaven development stand-off.

The local authority is adamant the derelict Diosynth site, off Percival Road, is needed as business units to serve the Fife Energy Park.

But around 20 residents turned up at Carberry House in Leven on Monday in support of a plan which would give them new, affordable housing.

The application, from Deborah Muir, aims to develop the land, creating 64 houses, a residential care home with around 70 beds, a health clinic and 12 sheltered houses .

However, the proposal is considered contrary to the council’s long-term development plan for the area, which has the vacant land zoned for employment use.

The authority has said it has its eye on the site for use as a carbon investment park to support Methil’s Energy Park, with an £861,000 European regional development grant already secured for its creation.

Speaking at the meeting, resident Gary Brown said: “I believe that these houses would be a welcome sight in Buckhaven.

“We are desperate for houses in this area and I’m staggered to think that it could be turned down.

“All we hear about is Energy Park this, Energy Park that, well how about you listen to the people?

“The Energy Park is a massive piece of ground so this plant could go down there”

The site has been marked for employment use for four years but has seen no interest from parties to develop it.

The meeting heard from another resident, Christine Balnaves, who said she has been trying to move out of the high rise flats in Memorial Court for five years but claims she has been told by the council that there are no new Levenmouth housing projects in the pipeline.

“A private company coming in to build houses would be fantastic,” she added.

David Queripel, speaking on behalf of the applicant, told councillors that all of the proposed homes would be affordable rented accommodation.

The application will return to the planning committee when it meets on March 20 before it is put to the full council on April 12.