We need to solve Methil’s ‘wacky races’

Cars parked up Swan Brae
Cars parked up Swan Brae
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Drivers who park their cars on and around a major roundabout in Methil are being urged to stop doing so by worried nearby residents and a local councillor.

They fear an accident is waiting to happen as a result of the congestion created on Swan Brae and at the roundabout opposite Swan Court.

Over the past few months the number of motorists using the pavement and grass verge of the brae and roundabout as an unofficial car park appears to have increased.

The vehicles are thought to belong to BiFab staff who can’t park in the company’s car park and are now no longer able to park along its access road as bollards have been put in place.

The Mail understands efforts are underway to tackle the problem with Council officers set to meet with local police, Scottish Enterprise and BiFab.

Methil councillor David Graham told the Mail a way forward which benefits all parties had to be found.

“The parking issues in the area surrounding the yard have been causing real concerns for local residents and I am working hard to support them by highlighting their concerns, ” he said.

Catherine Easton who lives at Shepherds Park on the Leven side of the roundabout told the Mail she has watched drivers get out their cars and throw away cones put down to stop the practise.

“Cars seem to be parked everywhere including the pavement,” she said.

“It is an accident waiting to happen. The cars are even sitting in the bus stop lane. I don’t think BiFab actually care where they are parking.

“I also have trouble parking as a lot of them also park in the spaces outside my front door and we have nowhere else to go as we are not allowed in the car park at the flats.”

BiFab managing director John Robertson was unavailable for comment.