We’re all set to move in!

New vintage clothes shop, Penny lane, on Kirkcaldy High Street
New vintage clothes shop, Penny lane, on Kirkcaldy High Street

KIRKCALDY High Street has received a boost with three new shops opening at the east end.

A former manager at General George is hoping to cash in on the demise of his former employers by starting up in the Indoor Market this week, while a social enterprise is opening a new vintage clothes shop across the road.

On top of this, Nickel and Dime plan to move into the vacant Powerhouse store.

Jackie Johnson and Avril Crossely are directors of ‘Fife Woman’- the organisation behind social enterprise ‘Room Two’, which has been on the High Street for nearly two years. Due to its success, they will now open vintage clothes store ‘Penny Lane’ today (Thursday).

Jackie said: “Kirkcaldy has been really badly hit by the recession. Our target is young people, and a lot of them come through our doors.

“We just hope to continue the success of the social enterprises we are running. We hope to employ more people and give them training.’’

Bright future

The organisation has been working with Fife Council and the Department for Work and Pensions to offer modern apprenticeships - and it believes the High Street has a good future.

Jackie added: “There are a lot of good things happening in Kirkcaldy town centre just now though.

‘‘Kirkcaldy4All has been very supportive of us and other businesses. Every little helps as things are difficult just now.”

Tam O’Hagan opened Lo Cost Flooring at Kirkcaldy Indoor Market this week and hopes to capitalise on the closure of nearby General George last week, where he was the manager until June.

He said: “We have already had a few enquiries and I have had a few notes of interest too.

“We will see how it goes. I want to have another shop open in the year, but it’s all about getting your foot in the market just now. I was interested in an empty shop nearby but I will start here and go for it.”

Tam believes that three shops opening can only benefit the east end of the High Street.

He said: “I have high hopes for the place. The more shops on the High Street the better.

“It has gone downhill in recent years. When I was a young guy Kirkcaldy High Street was bustling.’’