We’re going to have a party in the Mediterranean sea!

Marko Liv is one of the Kirkcaldy DJs playing in Ibiza
Marko Liv is one of the Kirkcaldy DJs playing in Ibiza

Four Kirkcaldy DJs are packing their music into their suitcases as they prepare to head to Ibiza for a series of gigs this summer.

Resident DJs at Kitty’s club night, Ebeatza, Mark Livingstone, Lewis Montague, Mikey Greig and Gary Fotheringham are heading to the holiday island in August.

And for the men it is a dream come true to be playing on the island which is a haven for DJs.

Mark (25), known to club goers as Marko Liv, said he can’t wait to get there.

He added: “It’s the chance of a lifetime to be going.”

Mark started DJing in his house when he was 13 or 14 before giving it up.

He returned to it two years ago and started DJing at Kitty’s Ebeatza night 18 months ago.

Now along with his fellow Ebeatza DJs he’s about to play nine sets on the party island in a seven-day period, including a chance to play Amnesia, one of the most famous clubs on the island.

Mark continued: “I’m going to DJ for the Pukka Up Radio 1 Weekend in Ibiza and will be DJing alongside some of the world’s biggest DJs like Afrojack and Sander van Doorn.”

Other venues that the DJs will be playing at during their time in Ibiza include Ibiza Rocks, Pukka Up boat party, Hush nightclub and Play2 nightclub.

Mark added: “There is no other way to describe it other than living the dream! I can’t believe what’s in store after such a short space of time and it just shows if you want something that bad and are prepared to work for it, then anything is possible.”

And for the others, including Lewis Montague it’s a great opportunity.

The 32-year-old said: “It’s an absolute privilege. I’m very surprised as I’ve only been DJing for a year and a half.

“It’s huge to be going out there. Ebeatza was the first time I’d ever played in a night club and it’s been amazing.”

On returning from Ibiza, Lewis will play Size in the Park at Strathclyde Country Park on August 23, alongside the likes of Steve Angello.

Mark and Lewis added their thanks to those who have supported them, especially Kitty’s.