We’re off to Glastonbury ... to clean the loos

Mark and Caroline Rochford, who are off to Glastonbury to clean the toilets
Mark and Caroline Rochford, who are off to Glastonbury to clean the toilets

A couple from a north east Fife hamlet are heading to Glastonbury next week for the world-famous music festival.

But they won’t be singing along with Ed Sheeran or rocking to Radiohead ... far from it, in fact.

Instead, Mark and Caroline Rochford, from Foodieash, will be doing what must be most people’s idea of a nightmare job – cleaning the loos.

The plucky pair will be among some 500 ‘Water Warriors’ who’ll be carrying out the unsavoury task in a bid to rally support for #TheWaterFight, a campaign being run this summer by the charity WaterAid.

They aim to show festival goers that queueing to get a drink, waiting to use the toilet, or not being as clean as they’d like to be are all part of daily life for more than 650 million people living without clean water.

And a staggering 2.4 billion people have nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

WaterAid volunteers will be giving out drinking water to festival-goers, collecting rubbish for recycling and manning the toilets, as well as helping manage the pilot scheme to introduce reusable stainless steel cups.

Each WaterAid volunteer works shifts of four to six hours a day – the same amount of time many in the developing world spend collecting water, leaving little time for education.

Mark and Caroline have supported WaterAid for several years, and Mark has previously raised money through Cupar Thursday Scouts WaterAid challenge while his son Joe volunteered with WaterAid last year working as loo crew.

He said: “We’re really proud to have been selected to represent WaterAid at Glastonbury.

“We’re going to be on the loo crew helping to keep the “long drops” spotless. Access to clean water and improved sanitation really can transform lives. This will be a great opportunity to get fellow festival-goers thinking about the realities of life for children living without clean water and toilets and to help engage thousands of people in a cause we feel passionately about.”

Aside from working on the loo crew, Mark, Caroline and Joe, together with their fellow WaterAid volunteers, are hoping to gather more than 40,000 signatures at Glastonbury for WaterAid’s new petition #TheWaterFight. The petition calls on the UK government to make sure that all government plans for schools globally include taps and toilets for every child.