We’re ready to roll!

Fife schools ready for Curriculum of Excellence
Fife schools ready for Curriculum of Excellence

FIFE pupils and teachers are well prepared for the introduction of the new Curriculum for Excellence.

That’s the assurance given by Council officers who say that all 19 secondary schools have been working hard to ensure they are ready for the new system to come in to place.

Curriculum for Excellence (CFE) aims to focus classroom practice upon the child by encouraging more learning through experiences. At its core are literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing with staff in all subjects responsible for their delivery.

New qualifications are also being developed, but the key will be continuous assessment.

But, with concerns over the new system being voiced by teachers, unions and politicians around the country, calls have been made to postpone the introduction of the new exams. East Renfrewshire Council - Scotland’s most successful education authority - has already put it back one year to allow more preparation time.

But this is not the case in Fife, says the local authority.

Dave McClure, head teacher of Buckhaven High School, has been part of a group of headteachers who have been working to plan for CFE says the region is ready.

He said: “From first year the aim of the school is to help children build their own ‘portfolios’ which they will use to help them secure their future.

“The new curriculum gives us the chance to prepare children for all of these things - and the preparation we have been doing for the introduction of the new exams means Fife is ready to take on this challenge.”

Ken Greer, executive director of education, said: “Building on a shared commitment to improve standards of attainment and outcomes for every pupil, secondary schools have embraced the principles enthusiastically, with our dedicated staff working to ensure that the curriculum pupils experience is well matched to their interests, needs and aspirations.

“It is fully expected that we can further raise attainment as pupils are better prepared and progress through levels of qualifications that suit their interests, ability and career intention.

“Introducing new qualifications, which children will take in 2014, will carry challenges for our schools. However, we have teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that every learner gets the best and we are confident that, with the skills and leadership in our schools, delivering CFE in line with national timescales is in the best interests of our learners.”