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Tesco still has to confirm whether it intends to extend or replace the South Road store
Tesco still has to confirm whether it intends to extend or replace the South Road store

Tesco has come in for more harsh criticism after its admission that Cuparians face another long wait for a decision on its future in the town.

Local MSP Roderick Campbell has accused the retail giant of ‘yet another broken promise’ after it announced that it won’t be making a decision until the end of May.

A decision had been expected at the end of this month following a meeting of Tesco’s property acquisition committee on March 11.

“Once again Tesco has failed to stick to its promises and has failed to deliver for the people of Cupar,” said Mr Campbell.

“This is yet another broken promise from Tesco. Having been being told to expect a final decision in March, we must now endure another long, unnecessary wait for information.

“I remain hopeful that it will press ahead with its development of a 50,000 sq ft store but, given Tesco’s previous comments, this looks increasingly unlikely,” continued Mr Campbell.

“I have received assurances that, if the decision is taken not to build a new store, the existing one will be refurbished but this will be scant consolation to those in the town who have seen numerous false dawns in this saga.”

Adam Williams, Tesco’s corporate affairs manager, said this week that the property acquisitions committee would reconvene in May.

He told the Fife Herald: “We are committed to investing in Cupar, either by building a replacement store or by refurbishing our existing store.

“We have been reviewing different options and expect to come to a decision by the end of May.

“In the meantime, the team at our store in Cupar will continue to work hard to provide a great service to local customers.”

It was in May 2009 that Tesco was first given the go-ahead to build a new, larger store on the site of the existing outlet in South Road, with the promise of some 250 jobs.

But work has never started on the development and bosses have admitted that any store might be smaller than originally planned. Meanwhile, supermarket chain Aldi has lodged an application for the adjoining site.