Councillor Andrew Arbuckle.
Councillor Andrew Arbuckle.
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IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners who allow their pets to foul north east Fife’s parks, paths and pavements are being warned: ‘We’ll be watching you!’

Next week councillors are expected to allocate an extra three dog wardens to the area as part of a concerted campaign against the scourge of our streets.

Fife Herald''Dog Poo front cover''Dog fouling'Cupar

Fife Herald''Dog Poo front cover''Dog fouling'Cupar

The Fife Herald has been at the forefront of efforts to tackle the problem in recent months — particularly in Cupar, where the increasing amount of dog mess in the town has caused a real stink among residents.

Councillor Andrew Arbuckle, chair of the north east Fife area committee that will vote on the additional dog wardens, said the issue had cropped up again and again during his time in office.

He told the Fife Herald: “Over the years there have been campaigns highlighting the problem and they seem to work for a short time, but this year there seems to be a bigger problem than ever.”

North east Fife was allocated an extra £200,000 to be spent locally in February’s council budget.

Councillor Arbuckle said: “We circulated all the councillors asking them to submit their priorities and it was no surprise to me that dealing with the problem of dog dirt came top of the heap.


“So I will be voting that some of the money is used to tackle the problem.”

He added that several councillors had asked for wardens to be on duty out of normal working hours as it was often early in the morning or late in the evening when dog owners let their pets roam off the lead.

In January Fife Council vowed to get tough with irresponsible owners through fixed penalty notices of £40 and court action if necessary.

Cupar councillor Margaret Kennedy said: “I have consistently raised this issue, particularly supporting local people’s concerns over it.

“I welcome very much the opportunity for us to put more into this much needed resource.

“The fact that these wardens will be able to have out of hours working incorporated into their role will further enhance what can be achieved.

“It will also enable a much more intensive approach to our targeting of resources.

“Those who do not work with us in trying to rid our streets of this unacceptable practice will, I am sure, be more aware of being challenged.”