We shouldn’t have to just grin and BEAR it

Councillor Tim Brett highlights the missing bollard at the Hazelton Walls junction.
Councillor Tim Brett highlights the missing bollard at the Hazelton Walls junction.

A Liberal Democrat councillor has called for closer scrutiny of the quality of work carried out by the firm responsible for maintaining trunk roads in north east Fife.

Councillor Tim Brett says he is concerned about the lack of progress with repairs on the A92 in Fife.

And he wants Transport Minister Keith Brown to pay greater attention to the work - or lack of it - being carried out by road maintenance firm BEAR Scotland.

The Tay Bridgehead councillor said: “I reported to BEAR in the middle of March that a bollard was missing at the Hazelton Walls junction on the A92. While I appreciate that this is not a major repair it is a safety issue, yet the repair has still not been carried out.

“I have communicated with BEAR on several occasions and have also asked whether it has a system for checking that small repairs such as this are followed through and completed. I have been assured by BEAR that it does have such a system but it is patently clear that it is not functioning properly.”

Cllr Brett has also raised concerns about the state of the roundabout at the Fife end of the Tay Road Bridge.

“Work on this was carried out last winter but neither the local communities, myself nor fellow Tay Bridgehead councillor Maggie Taylor were happy with the quality of the work that was done,” he said.

“Again, meetings have been held but we are still waiting for a response from BEAR about action that can be taken to improve things.”

BEAR Scotland was appointed by Transport Scotland in 2007 to manage and maintain the north east trunk roads.

Its functions include co-ordinating all works on the trunk road network and it is responsible for all routine maintenance, rapairs and replacement of carriageways, bridges, safety barriers, road lighting, road markings and road signs.

Cllr Brett added: “The general public may assume that all road maintenance in Fife is undertaken by the council’s transportation service but this is not the case for repairs to trunk roads.”