We walk the line...

Ken Haig of LMRC and, right, David Torrance MSP.
Ken Haig of LMRC and, right, David Torrance MSP.
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Levenmouth Rail Campaign and David Torrance MSP walked part of the line from Thornton to Levenmouth on Friday, to highlight the campaign to reopen it to trains.

Ken Haig, secretary of LMRC, accompanied by David and Network Rail representative Jim Black, walked from the buffers at Earlseat to the end of the line in Leven.

Both told the Mail of their suprise at the condition of the line itself.

“The vegetation looks bad, but the fact is, all of the ground is owned by Network Rail, so we wouldn’t have to buy anything back, which was the case down in the Borders, and that makes it a lot better,” said Ken. “We did have to step off the line at a few places where trees have grown in the middle and things like that, but at Kirkland, there were parts of the line that were practically pristine.”

David continued: “This walk has given us a real sense of what needs to take place to reinstate this line. It has been a really positive day. In my mind, the infrastructure is there, everything is in place apart from one section of rail which would need replaced, and it is in a lot better condition than I ever imagined it would be.”

In the near future, Ken hopes to walk from Thornton station - which would connect the Leven line to the Fife Circle is it was to be reopened - to the buffers at Earlseat, which would complete a walk along the full five mile stretch between Thorton and Leven.

He filmed the walk on Friday, and hopes to produce a film - with help from Fife College - showing the full journey between the two points, and edit it down so that it lasts the same amount of time that a potential passenger train would take to get to Leven.

“We can use the film to promote the campaign, and I would also like to give a copy to those carrying out the STAG feasibility study too,” said Ken.

Results from the STAG, which determine whether or not it is feasible to re-open the line or not, are expected later this year.

David said: “The walk today and the film, it all helps to keep the campaign in the public eye and puts pressure on Fife Council and the Scottish Government to deliver this.”