We will lead way in care

Gordon Brown chats to some of the residents and care staff at Raith Gates care home
Gordon Brown chats to some of the residents and care staff at Raith Gates care home

a NEW care community in Kirkcaldy will pioneer the future for elderly care in Fife.

The complex, which will include a 60-bed care home as well as sheltered housing to encourage independent living and leisure and healthcare facilities with a drop in centre, cafe and library, is set to be given the go-ahead by Fife Council in the coming weeks.

And it was welcomed by Gordon Brown, Kirkcaldy MP, when he announced it during a visit to Raith Gates, the council run care home in Kirkcaldy last Thursday.

Chatting to residents about their experience in the home and praising staff for the work they do, Mr Brown said: “This is a modern way of making provisions for individuals who want an old people’s home, but also for those who want their own homes but would use the community facilities when they need them.”

The new community, which will be built at John Smith Business Park, will be near to shops, and include some of the best and most up to date facilities ever for the town’s growing elderly population.


The home will house 60 care bed places, but its uniqueness will be the provision of the day care facilities for the elderly citizens who will be living in the sheltered homes nearby.


The new home which will be built in Ostlers Way will replace the increasingly out of date care provision at Appin House and Raith Gates.

As well as increasing elderly residential provision it will have additional day care provision in Kirkcaldy over and above the current 50 places at the current homes.

There will be a day care facility for ten users as well as an informal drop-in centre that will incorporate a coffee shop, library and other leisure provision.