We won’t let vandals destroy new look

One of the Hunter Street hanging baskets
One of the Hunter Street hanging baskets

Hanging baskets fixed to shopfronts in a bid to brighten up Hunter Street were damaged in a callous act of vandalism at the weekend.

The baskets, of which there are 24, had only been put up on Thursday before some had their frames crippled and contents dumped on the pavement just over 48 hours later on Saturday night.

Made up a colourful array of flowers, they were all painstakingly put together over five days by Hunter Street florist Lynn Reid, of Wild Orchid, after the traders there received funding from Kirkcaldy4All.

“I am really disgusted,” Lynn said of the damage. “We were all really excited about the difference they would make to the street.

“A lot of the time this street gets forgotten about but everybody is so passionate, it’s just such a shame.

“You try your best and then that happens.”

The discovery of the vandalism, was made by Louise Canny, of the shop Eloise. She had nipped into Tesco for a few minutes and came back out at 9.45 p.m. and the damage had been done.

“Someone has obviously been going along punching them,” she said. “I must have just missed them.”

“They must have been hit with such a force as soil and two or three plants out of each one was all over the place. It looked terrible.”

Louise called the police in case anyone in the area had been spotted vandalising other property but doesn’t hold out too much hope of the culprit being

She added: “It just shows a complete lack of respect. You put something nice in and somebody has to just destroy it, unfortunately.”