Halloween weather: Tonight's forecast for Fife guisers

Fife guisers are being advised to wrap up warm tonight (Photo: Shutterstock)
Fife guisers are being advised to wrap up warm tonight (Photo: Shutterstock)

Young ghosts and ghouls are being advised to don their waterproofs tonight along with their costumes, as forecasters predict a soggy night in Fife this Halloween.

by Debbie Clarke

Fife guisers should be prepared for wet weather tonight (31 Oct) as rain showers are expected in the area from around 7pm onwards, according to the Met Office.

Will it be cold?

One piece of good news is that it won't be really chilly as the temperatures will remain above freezing (at around 7C) - although due to winds, it will feel more like 5C.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said, "The weather today and tomorrow is coming from the west, so this evening is looking like cloudy with outbreaks of rain, but temperatures will largely be between five and seven degrees. There will be outbreaks of rain but it won't be heavy everywhere."

What is the forecast for the weekend?

Parts of Scotland could see some unsettled weather this weekend, as the remnants of Hurricane Oscar brush past.

The category 1 hurricane is currently swirling out in the Atlantic, but is forecast to head towards the UK by the weekend, where it could cause disruption for north-western parts of the country.

By then it is expected to have weakened to an extratropical depression, but heavy rainfall and strong winds could still affect some areas.