Video: Duck race in Kirkcaldy High Street!

Kirkcaldy town cenre floods (Pic: Martin Blankenstein)
Kirkcaldy town cenre floods (Pic: Martin Blankenstein)

It was fine weather for ducks, so when torrential rain brought parts of Kirkcaldy town centre to a halt today, businesses staged an impromptu duck race!

Owners of The Pet Shop – one of the longest established High Street businesses – made full use of the water pouring along the pavement to organise a fun race.

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Filmed by neighouring business Print It Stitch It, the footage generated great feedback online, and raised spirits on a day when the school run was caught in the downpour, drivers were left stranded on the Esplanade, drains burst open, and some buildings were forced to close.

The clean-up will continue on Tuesday with parts of Kirkcaldy Galleries still closed, and Fife College’s St Brycedale Campus open only to students sitting exams and staff supporting them.