Wee Jacob healing our broken hearts

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A Cupar mum whose young son died suddenly five years ago is preparing for one of the most poignant moments of her life.

Donna Jennings, whose five-year-old son Sam collapsed during a family outing, will return to the spot at Cairnie Fruit Farm where he died to play Mary in the Fife Nativity play - with her longed-for new baby son Jacob in her arms as Baby Jesus.

Jacob was born just six weeks ago, bringing fresh happiness to Donna, her husband Tom and daughters Joy (13) and Zoe (3), who was born two years after Sam died.

But she says that Jacob is ‘his own wee man’ and that Sam will always be in the family’s heart.

“About a year after Sam’s death I went to Cairnie and saw a little boy standing on the spot where he died,” said Donna.

“He was wearing a T-shirt with ‘Jacob’ on it, and I felt it was a promise from the Lord that I’d eventually have another boy.

“My faith has been tested at times but it was the only thing I had to hold on to during those dark days .

“Since Zoe was born I’ve had two miscarriages,” Donna revealed.

“One was a little boy we called Michael, who was disabled, and that loss was very hard. We’ve been through some really tough times but having the other children has brought so much joy.

“I have a broken heart but I know Sam is always with me and Jacob’s birth shows that there is always hope.”

Donna has also set up a charity in Sam’s memory. Visit www.fortheloveofachild.org.uk for details.