Wendy’s Auld Lang Syne for old Buck’hind

Wendy Morrison, with the poem which was given a special design by S3 pupil Jai Philp. Pic by FPA.
Wendy Morrison, with the poem which was given a special design by S3 pupil Jai Philp. Pic by FPA.

A pupil support assistant at Buckhaven High has marked the final term before the school closes for good with a special poem.

WendyMorrison came up with the ode to the school after a retiring teacher suggested she use her skills to come up with a final farewell to the facility.

Wendy, who has worked at the school for 14 years, and will be moving to the new Levenmouth Academy when it opens in August, has been coming up with the poems for the past decade, marking everything from family birthdays, school retirals, new babies, and even a proposal to her partner!

And now, her latest poem has been read by thousands after it was shared on the official ‘Best of Buckhaven’ Facebook page last week.

In just a few short days it has been shared over 560 times, has over 800 likes and has been viewed by over 49,000 people.

“It’s amazing, I never expected it to reach as far as it has,” said Wendy. “I don’t have Facebook, but my son and daughter showed me how many people have viewed it, I couldn’t believe it.”

Wendy explains that it took her just one school period – around 55 minutes –to write the whole thing.

“Once I got the first line in my head, the rest followed on from there.

“When it’s something you know a bit about, it can just flow out and that’s what happened.

“I’ve been doing this sort of thing for the last ten years on and off and seem to have a bit of a talent for it.

“I’ve written wee poems for teachers, my family, even pupils who were leaving. I wrote one for a class project on drugs too that I was quite proud of.”

“It’s really nice when you write one for someone and you see the smile on their face. A lot of people have kept them over the years too which is nice.”

The poem has also been shared with the English students of the school and it’s hoped it will be read out close to the end of the school year, marking the final term at Buckhaven High.


“Buckhaven High School is no more,

On July 1st it’ll be closing its door

The end of an era spanning 59 years,

Lots of laughter, blood and tears

There’s been hundreds of staff, too many to mention,

Most of whom will be drawing their pension,

From McMahon, Grant, Whytock and McLure,

There’s been many changes that’s for sure

Thousands of pupils past and present,

Grandparents, parents, and many a descendant

But now the school is tired and old,

It’s time to move forward and create a new mould

A community school that will join Kirkland and Buckhaven,

A great new start for our education

Levenmouth Academy is now ready to go,

So farewell to Buckhaven,