West Wemyss Community Development Trust

West Wemyss Community Development Trust was set up towards the end of 2009 to help regenerate the economic and social fortunes of the village of West Wemyss and surrounding area.

Over the past few years the Trust’s efforts have grown thanks to the hardwork and commitment of volunteers and villagers as well as successful funding applications.

Events are now scheduled to take place throughout the year from gala days to artists workshops and the West Wemyss Walk Inn cafe/restaurant/bistro provides a permanent place for the community to get together.

At the harbour end of the village an outdoor classroom has been set up and two special mosaics made by a variety of people, including local school children, offer a unique insight into the village’s history.

In the video above Blair Denwette, West Wemyss Community Development Trust, explains the thinking behind the mosaics.