What a great asset to our community!

The site with the allotments on it
The site with the allotments on it

Allotments which were originally opposed by residents in Kirkcaldy have now been welcomed as a great asset to their neighbourhood.

And the East March Street facility, created on land owned by Fife Council over the past six months, are proving a fantastic source of fresh fruit and vegetables for the local community.

The East March St site before the allotments

The East March St site before the allotments

The four large plots, along with a picturesque community garden area are tucked in between two rows of houses which, in days gone by, had parts of their large back gardens reclaimed by the council for a community area.

However, it became neglected over the years and was overgrown with bushes and weeds, so when Fife Council heard of the demand for land from the Kirkcaldy Community Gardens and Allotments group, it gave its backing.

However some locals thought the facility would cause problems and become a nuisance and those behind the plans had to overcome this before it was eventually able to go ahead, almost a year behind schedule.

Two men, Zander Meldrum and Wayne Evans, were the main driving force, and with help from the Community Payback team, they cleared and weeded the area, laid paths and marked out the boundaries.

And in less than six months, they have completely transformed the derelict strip of land into a thriving garden community which is growing a huge selection of mouthwatering fruit and veg, including potatoes, cabbages, carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, apples and much more.

There is also a pretty seating area, with benches created from recycled trees by the two men who spend the majority of their spare time at the allotments.

Wayne (42), who lives in East March Street, said: “Zander put a note through letter boxes in the area when they were thinking about this, and a public meeting was held which my wife went along to. We put our names down as being interested.

“We moved onto the site in April and had to spend a good few months clearing weeds and rubbish and preparing the ground for planting. Community Payback laid the path and it’s just gone from strength to strength. The community is now right behind us.”

Councillor Lawrence Brown, added: “The allotments are getting local people involved in looking after their own area and everyone is saying what a great improvement they are. Some are even doing up their own gardens, so the whole area is now looking better.”

Councillor Kay Carrington added: “It is great in these difficult times that people can grow their own produce to help feed themselves and their families.”

KCGA plans to take over the allotments when they are up to a suitable standard.