What a mess on the Prom!

4309p022 promenade 'Kirkcaldy Promenade with big waves - taken 21st October 2009
4309p022 promenade 'Kirkcaldy Promenade with big waves - taken 21st October 2009
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DOG mess on Kirkcaldy Prom is putting off visitors to Kirkcaldy - and making life a misery for walkers who want to enjoy the seafront.

Fife’s dog wardens this week agreed that dog dirt blighting the Prom is giving a bad impression to visitors, after both residents and people passing through the town complained.

George Gourlay (73), a Grangemouth resident who is blind, visited Kirkcaldy last weekend for a walk along the Prom, but had to abandon the plan after he became uncomfortable trying to avoid all the mess.

George explained: “We had visitors up from England and we said we would go for a run to Kirkcaldy and have a walk along the seafront.

‘‘I’m blind and had my wife on my arm.

‘‘We began walking and before long she was saying every couple of minutes ‘watch your feet’, and taking me this way and that to avoid it.

‘‘They said it was covered in dog dirt.

‘‘Perhaps it doesn’t affect people who can see as much, but it made things difficult for me, and it meant my wife couldn’t have a conversation because she was concentrating on watching my feet the whole time. It was disappointing.”

Notices ignored

Kirkcaldy resident Eleanor Clark, who is also registered blind, also contacted the Press this week.

She said: “I have phoned environmental health because the situation is so bad.

“The last time I was there with my grandchildren they had to pull me this way and that way to avoid it all.

‘‘ It doesn’t matter if there are notices up - people just ignore them.”

Graeme Anderson, technical officer dog control, said wardens in the area are doing as much as possible to improve the situation.

He said: “People who are not picking up after their dogs should be ashamed of ruining a beautiful site.


“We are doing as much as we can to help alleviate the situation - our dog warden is down there as much as possible, with a mobile CCTV unit.

‘‘I want to encourage anybody who witnesses somebody not picking up after their dog properly and disposing of it correctly to report it.”

Dog wardens can be contacted on 08451 550022.