What Brits love most about Scotland

From its elusive valleys to its vibrant cities, Scotland has plenty to offer - and it's not just the locals who appreciate the beauty in this part of the world.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 4th September 2016, 11:34 am

Thanks to its miles of rolling hills and stretches of glass-like lochs, tourists from around the UK flock to Scotland every year.

In a bid to find out more about what draws people to this picturesque country, Flying Scot Glasgow asked 10,000 Brits what they loved most about Scotland - and we’re revealing the results.

Scotland’s scenery

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Scenery scooped the top spot, with 59% of people surveyed saying it’s the breathtaking vistas that they love most about Scotland. From the heights of Ben Nevis to the depths of Loch Lomond, Scotland boasts some of the most beautiful views in the world - and they’re not going unnoticed.

Thanks to the views boasted by canoeing across the calm waters or hiking in the Highlands, Scottish participants also gave scenery the majority of their vote (51%).

Food and drink took second place, with 27% of Scots saying they just can’t get enough of the country’s cuisine.

Architectural excellence

The country’s back story struck a chord with 29% of respondents, who said it’s Scotland’s history that keeps them coming back. From the origin of haggis to Scottish tartan clans, the country is steeped in history and people across the UK are eager to find out more.

History was tied with Scotland’s landmarks - and with some of the most architecturally impressive buildings in the UK, it’s little wonder 29% of Brits gave it their vote.

Wining and dining

Famous for its whisky and delicious delicacies, it’s hardly surprising that 22% of Brits voted with their stomachs, saying Scotland’s food and drink were among the things they love most.

From fresh fish to mouthwatering five course meals, Scotland is home to some of the best restaurants in the UK - meaning both tourists and locals won’t have to go too far to find incomparable home cooking.

Culture capital

When it comes to culture, there’s nowhere quite like Scotland for a soiree. The country is famous for its ability to throw a party and the locals know how to put on a show.

Last year, 70% of all overnight stays in Scotland were holiday related - and it’s hardly surprising. With 17% of Brits saying it’s Scotland’s hospitality that they love most about this part of the UK and 11% giving entertainment their vote, it’s easy to see why the country attracts so many tourists each year.

Respondents were invited to offer up their own answers as to what they love most about Scotland, with answers including free university, picturesque walking trails and the friendly locals.

What are your favourite things about Scotland?

Scenery: 59.4%

History: 28.8%

Landmarks: 28.6%

Food/drink: 22.2%

Hospitality: 16.7%

Entertainment: 11.1%

Other: 5.7%