what’s in a name?

jack and Sophie remained the most popular babies’ names in Fife last year.

The latest report from the National Records for Scotland show that Fife parents followed the national trend again when choosing names for their children.

The name Jack comes from the Hebrew meaning “God is gracious” and it was the third most popular name in the UK. Sophie, which is in sixth place in the UK derives from the Greek meaning “wisdom.”

The second most popular name for boys in Scotland was Lewis, and between them Jack and Lewis have held the top spot for the past 14 years, while Sophie proved the most popular girl’s name for the eighth year running.

In Fife Cameron and Harry were the equal second place favourite, while for girls it was Emily.

The rest of the boys names list included Logan (4th); Finlay (5th); Lewis, Riley and Tyler (6th equal); Oliver (9th) and Daniel and James (10th equal).

For girls Emily was in second place, with Lucy (3rd); Jessica and Olivia (4th equal) Ellie (6th); Ava (7th); Lily (8th); Millie (9th) and Emma and Mia (10th equal).

National Records of Scotland registered the births of around 27,700 boys and 26,400 girls in the first 11 months of 2012. The top 50 boys’ first names accounted for 44 per cent of all those registered and the top 50 girls’ first names accounted for 41 per cent of the registrations.

Parents chose almost 7400 different first forenames for their children and nearly 4800 of these were unique.